Blue magazine cover layout, PSD print template

Blue magazine-cover for graphic-design, advanced and business-related publications. PSD template in the standard-size – 8,5&occasions;11-inches. Can be re-sized and used as an inferior printed promotional materials. !

JPG preview (low-resolution simply, without bleed, 650x841px): magazine-cover template
extendable: Photoshop, PSD
Colour subject: CMYK, blue, white
Key Words: clean print template, edit text and insert own pictures, customizable protect for Photoshop
Writer: PSD Graphics
may be beneficial (related thing): two-sided black business-card template

Print information:
Dimensions : 8,5&occasions;11-inches (8,75&occasions;11,25 inches with bleed)
Bleed: 1/8″
Colors: CMYK
Resolution: 300dpi

obtain PSD template:
File size: 20,5MB (ZIP)

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